AZ 1500 Series Spin Curves

AZ® 1500 Series Photoresists

AZ 1500 Series Photoresists are general purpose, g-line/broadband sensitive materials optimized for substrate adhesion in wet etch process environments. Available in both dyed and un-dyed versions, this series covers a coated thickness range of approximately 0.4 to 5.0µm and works well with both organic (MIF) and inorganic developers (AZ Developer or AZ 400K Developers). AZ 1500 Series resists are fast, economical and industry proven over more than 25 years.

Items in this series:

  • AZ 1505 Photoresist (Gallon)
  • AZ 1512 Photoresist (Quart)
  • AZ 1512 Photoresist (Gallon)
  • AZ 1518 Photoresist (Gallon)
  • AZ 1518 Photoresist (10L)
  • AZ 1518-SFD Photoresist (Gallon)
  • AZ 1529 Photoresist (Gallon)


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Typical Process

Soft Bake: 90-105C (60s) Expose: g-line or broadband Post Expose Bake: Optional Develop: spray, puddle or immersion                  Developer: MIF or IN

Lines in 15001.0µm Lines in AZ® 1518            2.4µm film thickness              150mJ/cm2 g-line exposure       AZ 300MIF Develop (60s)