AZ MiR 900 Series Spin Curves

AZ® MiR 900 Series Photoresists

AZ MIR 900 Series Photoresists are general purpose high aspect ratio i-line resists optimized for line and contact hole pattern layers. Low exposure dose requirements provide excellent throughput. Reliable performance in dry etch, wet etch, plating, and implant process environments. The AZ MiR 900 Series covers a coated thickness range of approximately 1.7 to 7.0µm and works well with MIF developers (AZ 300MIF, AZ 726MIF, or 917MIF recommended)

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Typical Process

Soft Bake: 90C (60s)     Expose: g-line/i-line/h-line Post Expose Bake: 110C     Develop: spray or puddle      Developer: MIF recommended

1.50µm Lines in AZ MIR 900         3.50µm film thickness              250mJ/cm2 i-line exposure     0.48NA Stepper                            AZ 300MIF Develop