Photoresist Removers

AZ® 300T Photoresist Stripper

AZ 300T Photoresist Stripper is an effective NMP based remover with additives to assist in the cleaning of organic contaminants and residues formed during RIE etching of Aluminum and Aluminum alloy substrates. AZ 300T also features low vapor pressure/high flash point, long bath life, water rinse compatibility and complete photoresist dissolution.

AZ®400T Photoresist Stripper

AZ 400T Photoresist stripper is formulated with a higher NMP concentration vs. 300T for complete dissolution of heavily cross linked (plasma processed) positive tone resists and difficult to remove negative tone photoresists.

AZ® Kwik Strip Photoresist Remover

AZ Kwik Strip is a unique safe solvent, neutral pH stripper that removes photoresist with no attack on highly sensitive substrates. Kwik Strip is non-corrosive to Cu, GaAs, TiW, Cu/Al alloys and most metal oxides. Kwik Strip is also amine free (no NMP), water rinsable, biodegradable and contains no S.A.R.A recordable chemicals.

AZ® NMP Rinse

AZ NMP rinse is high purity n-methylpyrrolidone and provides a fast economical method for photoresist removal. Due to its’ low vapor pressure and high boiling point, NMP can be safely heated to improve stripping rate and photoresist dissolution effectiveness.

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Cyantek Nano-Strip®

KMG Cyantek Nano-Strip is a fast cost effective alternative to organic solvent based removers. This stabilized Piranha formulation may be used at room temperature or in a heated bath and is an effective cleaner for both organic and inorganic surface contamination. In addition to photoresist removal, Nano-Strip is effective at pre-diffusion clean and pre-metal dep clean and may also be used to clean photomasks and LCD's.

Nano-Strip will not attack chrome, chro­me oxide, gold or silicon dioxide. It has only minimal effect on copper, tantalum silicide (TaSi), titanium tungsten (TiW), indium tin oxide (ITO), aluminum and aluminum alloys (Al-Si and Al-Si-Cu). Etch rate of aluminum substrates is ap­proximately 35A /min at 20°C.

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