AZ® 12XT-20PL Series Photoresists

AZ 12XT-20PL Series Photoresists are advanced chemically amplified i-line resists optimized for plating, TSV, and RIE etch applications. High transparency and chemical amplification provide aspect ratios and photospeed not possible with conventional DNQ type photoresists. As compared to a typical DNQ, AZ 12XT requires ~60% less exposure time, ~50% less develop time (and developer volume) and requires NO POST BAKE RE-HYDRATION DELAY. Need additional production capacity? With AZ 12XT Series Photoresists you can double the productivity of your existing exposure systems instead of buying additional tools! MIF developer compatible (AZ 300MIF or AZ 726MIF recommended).

Items in this series:

  • AZ 12XT-05 Photoresist (Quart)
  • AZ 12XT-05 Photoresist (Gallon)
  • AZ 12XT-10 Photoresist (Quart)
  • AZ 12XT-10 Photoresist (Gallon)
  • AZ 12XT-15 Photoresist (Quart)
  • AZ 12XT-15 Photoresist (Gallon)


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Typical Process

Soft Bake: 110C           Expose: i-line/broadband   Post Expose Bake: 90C     Develop: spray/puddle/immersion   Developer: AZ 300 MIF

2.8µm Lines in AZ 12XT-10            10.0µm film thickness              180mJ/cm2 i-line exposure     0.48NA Stepper                            AZ 300MIF Develop (120s)