AZ nLoF 2000 Series Spin Curves

AZ® nLoF™ 2000 Series Photoresists

AZ nLoF 2000 Series photoresists are negative tone materials designed for single layer lift-off and RIE etch processing. Ideal lift-off profiles are achieved with a simple bake, expose, PEB and develop process sequence; no under layers required. Side wall angles are process tunable from strong retro-grade for lift-off, to 90 degrees vertical for RIE. Removal is easy with standard photoresist strippers. Coated film thickness range is 1.8 to 10µm. (AZ 300MIF or AZ 726MIF recommended)

Items in this series:

  • AZ nLoF 2020 Photoresist (Qrt)
  • AZ nLoF 2020 Photoresist (Gal)
  • AZ nLoF 2035 Photoresist (Qrt)
  • AZ nLoF 2035 Photoresist (Gal)
  • AZ nLoF 2070 Photoresist (Qrt)
  • AZ nLoF 2070 Photoresist (Gal)


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Typical Process

Soft Bake: 110C (60s)     Expose: i-line/broadband  Post Expose Bake: 110C/60s  Develop: spray or puddle    Developer: AZ 300MIF

nLoF 20707.0µm Lines in AZ nLoF 2070       7.0µm film thickness              180mJ/cm2 i-line exposure     0.54NA Stepper                            AZ 300MIF Develop