AZ 9200 and AZ 10XT Series Photoresists

AZ 9200 Photoresists are general purpose i-line/h-line/g-line sensitive materials engineered for performance in most electro-plating and other metal deposition process environments. Coated thickness range is approximately 2.0 to 20µm (single coat). Optimized for the AZ 400K developers (AZ 400K 1:4 or AZ 400K 1:3). MIF developers not recommended. Similar processing but improved resolution and aspect ratios vs. the AZ P4000 series.


Items in this series:

  • AZ 9220 Photoresist (Gallon)
  • AZ 9245 Photoresist (Gallon)
  • AZ 9260 Photoresist (Quart)
  • AZ 9260 Photoresist (Gallon)
  • AZ 10XT Photoresist (Quart)
  • AZ 10XT Photoresist (Gallon)


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Typical Process

Soft Bake: 110C           Expose: g/h/i-line             Post Expose Bake: Optional   Develop: spray/immersion     Developer: AZ 400K 1:3 or AZ 400K 1:4

2.0µm Lines in AZ 9260            6.0µm film thickness              380mJ/cm2 i-line exposure     0.48NA Stepper                            AZ 400K 1:4 Develop