1x Resolution Test Masks

Setting up your new lithography process or trouble-shooting/optimizing existing processes is time consuming and expensive, especially when using 1x exposure systems. Eliminate frustration, save time, and reduce costs with these handy resolution test reticles produced with a wide variety of useful imaging features that minimize test iterations and streamline the optimization process. 


Typical Applications

  • Quickly determine resolution limits for any feature type (to 1.0μm)                                
  • Find best focus
  • Determine print bias for any feature type
  • Optimize photoresist adhesion
  • Assess step coverage performance


Design Features

  • Long line/space features
  • Contact hole strings
  • All features in both positive and negative tone
  • Cleavable line and contact arrays
  • Short lines from 1.0 to 5.0μm for easy linearity measurements
  • Cells are individually numbered for traceability
  • Clear field design facilitates low angle SEM analysis
  • Available in all common glass sizes





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