AZ® BARLi II™ Series Bottom Anti-Reflective Coatings for i-line

The AZ BARLi II Series products are bottom anti-reflective coating (BARC) materials optimized for i-line (365nm) exposures. At optimum film thickness, BARLi II layers can reduce substrate reflectivity by >98% at 365nm. BARLi II films also greatly improve substrate adhesion (no adhesion promoter necessary) and strip easily in most standard photoresist strippers. AZ EBR 70/30 is recommended for edge bead removal.


Reflectivity and Swing Ratio Reduction by AZ BARLi II

AZ® KrF-17B™ Series Bottom Anti-Reflective Coatings for 248nm Lithography

AZ KrF 17B bottom anti-reflective coatings are thin planarizing BARCs for 248nm lithography. Key features of these materials include extremely low coat defect density (suitable for 150nm technology nodes), compatibility with all common CA photoresist platforms (ESCAP, Acetal, and hybrids) and very good etch selectivity.

AZ KrF 17B
AZ KrF 17B

AZ® Aquatar™ and Aquatar VIII™ Series Top Anti-Reflective Coatings

AZ Aquatar products are unique, water based top anti-reflective coatings (TARCs) optimized for i-line (365nm) and DUV (248nm) exposures. Aquatar films can suppress i-line or DUV swing ratios (thin film interference) by up to 70%, greatly improving CD uniformity over substrate topography steps and across varying focal planes. These TARCs are easily removed during the photoresist develop step.

Aquatar Swing Curves