Simple Photoresist Dispensing using PowerProbe SS Reinforced PTFE Bottle Connectors


PowerProbe dispense connectors provide a cost effective "complete dispense" alternative to expensive “bag-in-bottle” packages or the flimsy thread-on connectors supplied with your coat track.

PowerProbe connector bodies are constructed of stainless steel reinforced PTFE and are extremely durable. All fittings are either stainless steel (quick connect) or PFA (Flare-Tec type).

Key Features

• 1/4" or 3/8" liquid out fitting options to accommodate a wide range of fluid            viscosities.
• 1/8" SS quick connect line for N2 blanket or priming pressure (may be capped).
• Bottle specific cap threads seal tight to prevent solvent loss and resist drying.
• Body core rotates to prevent twisting of N2 and dispense lines.
• PFA draw tube is angled through body and custom cut for each bottle style        to guarantee termination at low point of bottle base. 

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