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  DJ Microlaminates Dry Film Photoresists


DJ Microlaminates' ADEX® and SUEX® dry film photoresists are high performance, i-line sensitive, photoimageable epoxy films available in both sheet and roll form. These films are easily applied using low cost laminating equipment, eliminating the waste and mess associated with spin coating. Film thicknesses from 5µm to 1mm and aspect ratios > 20:1 are possible with these convenient to use sheets. Sheets are pre-cut to a variety of standard substrate and panel sizes and rolls are available in a variety of widths and lengths. A proprietary solvent-free manufacturing technique yields exceptional film thickness uniformity and extremely low average surface roughness. Exposed films are developed in high purity PGMEA (AZ EBR Solvent recommended).

Items in this series:

  • ADEX pre-cut sheets or rolls
  • SUEX pre-cut sheets


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Typical Process

Remove PET cover film     Laminate using vacuum or hot roll laminator               Soft Bake 85-95°C      Remove PET top film    Expose: i-line             Develop: PGMEA Immersion  Hard Bake (opt.): 125-200°C