AZ® nLoF™ 2000 Series

The AZ nLoF 2000 photoresists are negative tone materials for single layer lift-off processing. Ideal lift-off profiles are achieved with a simple bake, expose, PEB and develop process sequence; no under layers required. Side wall angles are process tunable from strong retro-grade to 90 degrees vertical and removal is easy with standard photoresist strippers. Coated film thickness range is 1.8 to 10µm.

AZ nLoF 2000 Series

AZ® nLoF 2035 Photoresist @ 3.5µm film thickness 2.0µm dense lines @ 72mJ/cm2 Single puddle develop in AZ 300MIF

AZ® nLoF™ 5510

AZ nLoF 5510 is a thinner, high resolution version of the AZ nLoF 2000 series products. AZ nLoF 5510 features the same simple processing as nLoF 2000 but resolves l/s features to 0.28µm and isolated trenches to 0.3µm. Coated film thickness range is approximately 0.5 to 1.4µm.

AZ nLoF 5510 Series

AZ® nLoF 5510 Photoresist @ 1.0µm film thickness 0.28µm dense lines @ 0.60NA (i-line) Single puddle develop in AZ 300MIF

AZ® 5214E-IR

AZ 5214E-IR is an image reversal photoresist that may be processed in either positive or negative tone. Negative tone (image reversal) mode provides excellent lift-off profiles. Contact your Integrated Micro Materials Representative for detailed image reversal procedures.

AZ 5214E-IR

AZ® 5214E-IR Photoresist < Isolated line processed in image reversal mode Single puddle develop in AZ 300MIF