MIF (Metal Ion Free) Developers

AZ® 300MIF Developer

AZ 300MIF Developer is a metal ion free industry standard 0.261N TMAH (Tetra Methyl Ammonium Hydroxide) based developer. Normality specification of ± 0.0001N for the ultimate in process control. This developer is surfactant free.

AZ® 726MIF Developer

AZ 726MIF Developer is a 0.261N TMAH developer with light surfactant additive to reduce surface tension and improve substrate wetting.

AZ® 917MIF Developer

AZ 917MIF Developer is a unique 0.261N TMAH developer with a special surfactant that reduces surface tension and increases develop rate with no sacrifice in selectivity or process control.

AZ® 422MIF Developer

AZ 422MIF Developer is a reduced normality developer (0.215N) used in special circumstances where maximum selectivity and process control are more critical than throughput. Surfactant free.

AZ® 435MIF Developer

AZ 435MIF is a unique high normality TMAH developer that may be used with thick DNQ type resists in applications where metal ions (K or Na) are undesirable. Recommended for use with AZ P4000, AZ 9200, and AZ 10XT Series photoresists.

Inorganic (Metal Containing Developers)

AZ® 400K Series Developers

AZ 400K Series Developers are buffered potassium based developers designed for extended bath life in immersion develop process environments. This developer is recommended for use with most thick DNQ type photoresists and is available as a concentrate or pre-diluted with DI water in process ready 1:3 (AZ 400K 1:3) or 1:4 (AZ 400K 1:4) ratios.

AZ® 421K Developer

AZ 421K Developer is an un-buffered potassium based developer used with thick DNQ type photoresists to improve develop rate and process throughput.

AZ® AZ Developer

AZ AZ Developer is a sodium based developer designed for high selectivity with DNQ type photoresists Unlike K or TMAH based developers, AZ Developer exhibits no etch rate on aluminum substrates. Available as a concentrate or pre-diluted 1:1.

AZ® 340 Developer

AZ 340 Developer is a sodium based developer concentrate suitable for making custom dilutions with DI water to fit specific process requirements. Use more dilute solutions for thin photoresists (to improve process control) and stronger solutions for thick photoresists to improve develop rate.