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EM Resist SML Series e-beam Resists, PMMA, and HSQ


EM SML Series are positive tone e-beam resists featuring high sensitivity and ultra-high resolution. These resists feature a novel, low etch rate polymer and imaging at up to 50:1 aspect ratios. Available viscosities cover a coated thickness range of approximately 50 to > 3,000nm.

Also available are PMMA resins and copolymers. PMMA materials range in molecular weight from 35K to 950K. 

New to the EM Resist product line are HSQ materials available in several pre-mixes as well as in powder form ready for mixing custom dilutions. 

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Typical Process

Soft Bake: 180C (120s) Expose: e-beam                 PEB: None                    Develop: Puddle or immersion                      Developer: MIBK:IPA (1:3)

5nm Lines in SML 50 5nm spaces in SML 50               50nm film thickness              30keV e-beam exposure