EM SML Series are positive tone e-beam resists featuring high sensitivity and ultra-high resolution. These resists feature a novel, low etch rate polymer and imaging at up to 50:1 aspect ratios. Available viscosities cover a coated thickness range of approximately 50 to > 3,000nm.

Also available are PMMA resins and copolymers. PMMA materials range in molecular weight from 35K to 950K.


33nm Spaces in 400nm EM SML300

Typical Process

Soft Bake: 180C (120s)

Expose: e-beam

PEB: None

Develop: Puddle or immersion

Developer: MIBK:IPA (1:3)

5nm Lines in SML 50

5nm spaces in SML 50 50nm film thickness 30keV e-beam exposure

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