AZ 5214E-IR is a unique photoresist that can be processed in either positive or negative tone. This resist is very fast for maximum process throughput in positive tone and exhibits superior thermal stability and RIE etch resistance in negative tone. Negative tone profiles can also be optimized for metal lift-off processing. Develop in AZ Developer 1:1 or AZ 300MIF (MIF recommended for image reversal mode) and strip/lift-off in AZ 400T Stripper.


1.0µm Lines on Si

Items in this series

AZ 5214E-IR Photoresist (Quart)

AZ 5214E-IR Photoresist (Gallon)

AZ 5214E Photoresist (Quart)

AZ 5214E Photoresist (Gallon)

AZ 5206E Photoresist (Gallon)

AZ 5218E Photoresist (Gallon)

Typical Process

Soft Bake: 90-100C (60s)

Expose: i-line or broadband

Post Expose Bake: None

Develop: spray, puddle or immersion

Developer: AZ 300MIF or AZ Developer 1:1

5214 Spin Curve

AZ 5214E-IR Spin Curve