AZ nLoF 5510 photoresist is a high resolution negative tone material for single layer lift-off processing. Ideal lift-off profiles for features as small as 0.28µm are achieved with a simple bake, expose, PEB and develop process sequence; no under layers required. Side wall angles are process tunable from strong retro-grade to 90 degrees vertical and removal is easy with standard photoresist strippers. Coated film thickness range is 0.7 to 1.4µm. (AZ 300MIF or AZ 726MIF developers recommended).

AZ nLoF 5510 Series Spin Curve

6" Si Wafers; Soft Bake 90C

Typical Process

Soft Bake: 90C (60s)

Expose: i-line

Post Expose Bake: 110C/60s

Develop: puddle

Developer: AZ 300MIF

nLoF 2035

0.28µm Lines in AZ nLoF 5510

0.97µm film thickness

134mJ/cm2 i-line exposure

0.60NA Stepper

AZ 300MIF Develop