AZ 50XT Photoresist is a thick DNQ type resist optimized for MEMs and packaging (solder bump, etc.) applications. Single coat film thicknesses of 15 to 65µm are achievable on standard coating equipment. Superior adhesion to Cu substrates prevents under-plating and removal is easy using AZ 400T Stripper. Compatible with inorganic developers (AZ 421K or AZ 400K 1:3 recommended).

AZ 50XTSpinCurve

6" Si Wafers

Items in this series

AZ 50XT Photoresist (Quart)

AZ 50XT Photoresist (Gallon)

Typical Process

Soft Bake: 85/125C

Expose: broadband

Post Expose Bake: None

Develop: spray/immersion

Developer: AZ 421K


60µm holes in AZ 50XT

65µm film thickness

1400mJ/cm2 broadband

Suss MA 200 aligner

AZ 421K Develop