AZ 9200 Photoresists are general purpose i-line/h-line/g-line sensitive materials engineered for performance in most electro-plating and other metal deposition process environments. Coated thickness range is approximately 2.0 to 20µm (single coat). Optimized for the AZ 400K developers (AZ 400K 1:4 or AZ 400K 1:3). MIF developers not recommended. Similar processing but improved resolution and aspect ratios vs. the AZ P4000 series.

AZ 9200SpinCurves

6" Si Wafers

Items in this series

AZ 9220 Photoresist (Gallon)

AZ 9245 Photoresist (Gallon)

AZ 9260 Photoresist (Quart)

AZ 9260 Photoresist (Gallon)

AZ 10XT-520cPs Photoresist (Gallon)

AZ 10XT-220cPs Photoresist (Gallon)

Typical Process

Soft Bake: 110C

Expose: g/h/i-line

Post Expose Bake: Optional

Develop: spray/immersion

Developer: AZ 400K 1:3 or AZ 400K 1:4


2.0µm Lines in AZ 9260

6.0µm film thickness

380mJ/cm2 i-line exposure

0.48NA Stepper

AZ 400K 1:4 Develop