AZ® EBR Solvent

AZ EBR Solvent is high purity propylene glycol monomethyl ether acetate (PGMEA) for photoresist thinning, edge bead removal, and general cleaning of photoresist residues from equipment surfaces or substrate backsides.

AZ® EBR 70/30

AZ EBR 70/30 is the world's most popular solvent blend for edge bead removal and general clean up. This blend cuts edge beads in all DNQ and chemically amplified photoresists faster and with less edge swelling than PGMEA. Also recommended for cutting edge beads in BARLi II BARC layers and for reworking photoresist patterns on top of uncured polyimide. AZ EBR 70/30 also features low volatility (no low flash point solvents) and notably less odor vs. PGMEA.