AZ 15nXT Series Spin Curves

AZ® 15nXT 450cps Photoresist

AZ 15nXT Series Photoresists are cross linking negative tone materials optimized for use in plating, TSV, and RIE etch applications. The fully cross linked features are extremely thermally stable and etch resistant, yet strip quickly and easily in most common photoresist removers (AZ 400T Stripper recommended). The 450cps version covers a coated film thickness range of approximately 5.5 to 14.0µm. Develop is very fast in standard MIF Developers (2.5 minutes in AZ 300MIF for a resist film thickness of 10.0µm).

Items in this series:

  • AZ 15nXT 115cps Photoresist (Quart)
  • AZ 15nXT 115cps Photoresist (Gallon)
  • AZ 15nXT 450cps Photoresist (Quart)
  • AZ 15nXT 450cps Photoresist (Gallon)

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Typical Process

Soft Bake: 110C (180s) Expose: i-line or broadband Post Expose Bake: 120C     Develop: spray or puddle Developer: AZ 300MIF

4.0µm Lines in AZ 15nXT on Cu     10.0µm film thickness              400mJ/cm2 i-line exposure    0.54NA Stepper                            AZ 300MIF Develop (150s)